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Belfast Intermediate B
Divisional Championship 2006

The N.I. Championships got underway on April 24

Team Pld W D L F A Pts
Carrick Rangers 12 11 0 1 67 12 33
Larne Ladies 13 10 0 3 33 20 30
Ards Raiders 14 8 1 5 29 30 25
Wellington Rec. 14 6 2 6 33 31 20
Bangor Ladies 13 6 1 6 35 35 19
Knockbreda 13 6 1 6 33 42 18
PSNI Ladies 12 2 1 9 3 32 7
Belfast Banks 13 0 0 13 6 47 0

Week commencing: 24th April
Carrickfergus Rangers 8, Wellington Rec.0
PSNI 0, Larne Ladies 6
Knockbreda 4, North Down Ladies 2
Ards Raiders 2, Belfast Banks 1

Week commencing: 1st May
Larne Ladies 0, Carrickfergus Rangers 3
Belfast Banks 1, Knockbreda 2
North Down Ladies 4, PSNI 1
Wellington Rec. 3, Ards Raiders 1

Week commencing: 8th May
Carrickfergus Rangers 8, North Down Ladies 1
Wellington Rec. 1, Larne Ladies 2
PSNI 1, Belfast Banks 0
Ards Raiders 4, Knockbreda 2

Week commencing: 15th May
NIWFA Cup 1st Round
Carrickfergus Rangers 4, North Down Ladies 1

Week commencing: 22nd May
Belfast Banks v. Carrickfergus Rangers
North Down Ladies 0, Wellington Rec. 3
Knockbreda 4, PSNI 0
Larne Ladies 3, Ards Raiders 0

Week commencing: 29th May
Carrickfergus Rangers 5, Knockbreda 3
Wellington Rec. 3, Belfast Banks 1
Larne Ladies 3, North Down Ladies 0
Ards Raiders 7, PSNI 0

Week commencing: 5th June
PSNI v. Carrickfergus Rangers
Knockbreda 2, Wellington Rec. 9
Belfast Banks 0, Larne Ladies 4
North Down Ladies 1, Ards Raiders 1

Week commencing: 12th June - NIWFA Cup - 2nd Round

Week commencing: 19th June
North Down Ladies 2, Belfast Banks 1
Wellington Rec. 1, PSNI 1
Larne Ladies v. Knockbreda
Carrickfergus Rangers 8, Ards Raiders 1

Week commencing: 26th June - Divisional Cup Quarter Final
Larne v. North Down Ladies
Wellington Rec v's Knockbreda
PSNI v's Ards Raiders
Carrick v's Belfast Banks

Week commencing: 3rd July
Belfast Banks 1, North Down Ladies 7
PSNI 0, Wellington Rec. 3
Knockbreda 5, Larne Ladies 4
Ards Raiders 1, Carrickfergus Rangers 0

Week commencing: 17th July - 3rd Round NIWFA Cup

Week commencing: 24th July
Wellington Rec. 1, Carrickfergus Rangers 8
Larne Ladies 3, PSNI 0
Belfast Banks 0, Ards Raiders 2

Week commencing: 31st July - Divisional Cup - Semi Finals
Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
North Down Ladies 7, Knockbreda 0
Week commencing: 7th August
Carrickfergus Rangers 4, Larne Ladies 2
Knockbreda 4, Belfast Banks 0
PSNI v. North Down Ladies (Postponed)
Ards Raiders 2, Wellington Rec. 1

Week commencing: 14th August
North Down Ladies 0, Carrickfergus Rangers 4 Played Aug 29th
Larne Ladies 1, Wellington Rec. 0
Belfast Banks 0, PSNI 5
Knockbreda 2 Ards Raiders 3

Week commencing: 21st August
Carrickfergus Rangers 10, Belfast Banks 1
Wellington Rec. 2, North Down Ladies 4
PSNI 1, Knockbreda 2
Ards Raiders 0, Larne Ladies 1

Week commencing: 28th August
Knockbreda 2, Carrickfergus Rangers 8
Belfast Banks 0, Wellington Rec. 5
North Down Ladies 0, Larne Ladies 4
PSNI 2, Ards Raiders 3

Week commencing: 4th September
Carrickfergus Rangers 4, PSNI 0
Wellington Rec. 1, Knockbreda 1
Larne Ladies 1, Belfast Banks 0
Ards Raiders 3, North Down Ladies 7

Larne completed the 2006 season with a 6-0 thrashing of
Ards Raiders in the B Divisional Cup September 13th

2006 Season kicks off

Bangor Ladies, who enjoyed a great result against Northern Ireland current champions Newtownabbey Strikers in pre-season, followed that up with a win against neighbouring side from Millisle - Abbey Villa Ladies on in March at Abbey Villa Football Club.
These fixtures represents a fairly legitimate yardstick as to just how well the local club will adapt to the challenge of competitive football in 2006 - Abbey Villa Ladies are also about to embark on their first season.
The first of their two final warm up games for the newly established young side North Down Ladies, who will hope to complete their preparations for their first ever season of competitive football in the sports governing body - The Northern Ireland Womens Football Association - with these two tough fixtures.
The NIWFA 2006 season got underway on Monday 24th April, with over 40 clubs involved in 5 divisions spread geographically all over the province, all games are played throughout the summer months, and all feature evening kick offs


On Thursday evening (6th) North Down Ladies were invited along to the Dub, and to the NIWFA League Council meeting when the club were issued with a full list of their competitive 2006 fixtures.
The club have been placed a reasonably tough Intermediate B Division, where along with North Down Ladies are PSNI (Belfast), Belfast Bank (Belfast), Carrick Rangers (Carrickfergus), Wellington Rec, Larne Ladies (Larne), Knockbreda Ladies (Ballynahinch) and Ards Raiders (Newtownards).
This will prove a very difficult division and one which closer analysis suggests that Carrick Rangers should start as favourites and be the one to come out of the pack early on. Carrick, formerly were known as Post Offices Belles, dominated the NIWFA in it’s earlier years and have always had a reputation as a very well organised and formidable footballing side.
A quick look at some of the other runners in this divisional campaign throws up Larne Ladies, Wellington Rec, and Belfast Banks, all are established sides and all who would have enjoyed and benefited from their immediate history in the NIWFA.

Most local interest of all though, will be against the Newtownards based ‘rivals’ Ards Raiders - from neighbouring Londonderry Park - this team certainly could figure in the top three with their pedigree and will be the benchmark the Bangor side will be looking to emulate within a couple of seasons.
Of the others - Knockbreda and PSNI are an unknown packages, both embarking on their first competitive season in the NIWFA, which kicks off on Wednesday, 26th April. North Down Ladies take up the challenge with a tough away baptism against Knockbreda in their first ever competitive game, then welcome PSNI to the seaside the following week, on Tuesday, May 2nd. North Down Ladies would like to send out their best wishes to all the players involved in the 2006 season - and wish them an injury free and thoroughly enjoyable year’s football.

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